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I am 36 years old mum of two from Hamina. I have MBA degree in International Business Management, and I work as a business teacher and special needs teacher in vocational school.

I want that Sustainable Development is taken into accont in decision making all the time. I am also worried about the current development of hindering the basic services. I want to keep the basic services such as healthcare, childcare and education in good quality, and in everyone’s reach. Some of the biggest worries at the moment are the future of the small towns, and developement that divides people according to their income. Especially the poverty of the single elders (pensioners) and familis with small children is alarming!

I have been city council since for two seasons begining of 2009, and member of city board for past two years. I’ve emphasized the sustainable developement as well as the basic healthcare, childcare and the rights of the elders.

You can contact me via e-mail: katja.andrejev @ , you may also find me in Facebook and Twitter (->;katjaandrejev) .

My discussion on globalisation, degrowth and localism in English can be read here.

Vote for mum – vote for the future!


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